Kids Coaching World (KCW)

Kids Coaching World is a project for kids, families and companies, which provides growing opportunities in a fun, creative and professional way. Created by a neuropsychologist, child development specialist and coach, with the participation of other professionals such as educational psychologists, performing arts specialists, ICT and technology specialist and speech therapists, all of them specialized in children’s development and education, from toddlers to primary children. Check out our services in our web www.kidscoachingworld.com:


The Founder and Director

I am a passionate children’s psychologist- neuropsycologist- coach- dancer, immersed in the children’s development world. I have worked supporting children and families in academic and psychological areas, preparing and training professionals in different child related projects, and I have been training as a profesional in psychology and neuropsychology in hospitals, schools and private centers from America and Europe. I have also danced since I was 3 years old and I have been performing in different companies and teaching for the past 10 years.

I have moved around the world experiencing exciting, professional and learning opportunities. In 2010 I arrived to Madrid, where I found excitement, opportunities and a warm and welcoming home. I have had the chance to work in different British curriculum Schools, Spanish Schools, Kids development center and performing arts companies for kids. I have always been passionate for dance and psychology, and all of these reasons have inspired me to begin this fun, professional and exciting project for families, kids and other professionals in the field.


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